Road Blockers

Road Blockers
Road Blockers (or Truck Stoppers) are reinforced steel barriers that lie flush to the road surface when at rest and upon activation, will raise to a predetermined height within 4 – 7 seconds. The various model types make’s the Road Blocker suitable for a wide range of applications from car parks to military and very high security sites and because they can be operated by, and in conjunction with, a wide range of access control’s, they are extremely versatile.

The Road Blocker range have been designed and tested to withstand impacts ranging from a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 50mph, right up to a 30 tonne truck travelling at 50mph. All successfully withstood the impact without penetration and continued to operate afterwards, thus conforming to BS PAS 68:2007, with two designs also being DOS (US Department of State) K12 certified.

The success of the Road Blocker range is due to the unique design, which incorporates special crash bars and a sacrificial front radius to help absorb the force and leave the main body of the blocker intact, thus maintaining security. The Road Blockers have been repeatedly tested and are proven to withstand secondary attack situations and it is through being designed in this way, the Road Blocker remains a formidable barrier against vehicular threat.

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