Arm Barriers

Manual arm barriers are available in swing, lift or roll along systems and manufactured with a counterbalance and a well placed handled, which means opening and closing manual barriers can be done with ease. Constructed from heavy duty steel, manual arm barriers offer a good visual deterrent, as well as being sturdy enough to prevent unauthorised vehicular access.
Please note - the barrier must be locked at all times when in the upright position to secure it in place.

Automated raising arm barriers are available in varying beam lengths, usually ranging from 3m to 8m. They are similar in construction to manual raising arm barriers but are designed to interface with an access control system, such as ANPR.
Complete Integrated Security Systems
By using access controlled automatic raising arm barriers, it answers a wide range of threats, but it is only one aspect of the security provisions you should consider. By integrating access controlled raising arm barriers with other security systems, it is possible to greatly increase the level of protection provided. Access controlled raising arm barriers can be intelligently linked to other systems including ANPR and CCTV surveillance, giving a complete integrated security system.

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