Normally, pedestrian access gates are single leaf and hinged in design, however, sliding pedestrian gates are also available. All are manufactured to suit the client’s specific site requirements and can be either manual or automatic. Manual gates can be self closing, with both the manual and automatic system being able to have a ‘panic latch’ fitted, making it a MoE (means of escape) route. In an emergency, automated pedestrian access gates can be set to either fail secure or fail safe. The fail safe option will allow free access or exit, while the fail secure option will not allow passage in either direction. Automated pedestrian gates are compatible with the full range of access control systems and either design will suit any situation where pedestrian access management is required.
Complete Integrated Security Systems
By using access controlled pedestrian gates, it answers a wide range of threats, but it is only one aspect of the security provisions you should consider. By integrating access controlled gates with other security systems, it is possible to greatly increase the level of protection provided. Pedestrian gates utilizing an access control system can be intelligently linked to other security systems including CCTV surveillance and intruder detection giving a complete integrated security system.

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