One of Vale’s managers will meet with you to discuss your security needs and, where appropriate, will walk site with you to gain the physical knowledge of your site needed to offer a solution that has taken all elements into consideration.

Using our vast knowledge & understanding of security products and their capabilities, coupled with years of industry experience, Vale will develop a solution that is tailored to your individual requirements. This solution will then be presented to you, accompanied by our quotation.

If you decide to appoint us to install your security system, not only will you have our vast physical expertise and our in-depth understanding of protocol and its requirements but, if the installation is the product of our consultancy service, we will also deduct the consultancy fee from the final account.

Once your security system has been installed, we will bring the whole system on-line to ensure that every element works as it’s been developed to. We also, after approximately a week of operation, will undertake a second ‘reliability run’, to ensure that your system continues to operate as designed. Once this has been satisfactorily completed, the fully commissioned system will be handed over to you.

If you require your ‘on-site’ personnel to be trained in the operation of your security system, Vale will happily, prior to ‘hand-over’, deliver this training for you.

Vale offers its client’s ongoing support after hand-over with its comprehensive maintenance package, which is as uniquely tailored to your needs as the system itself.

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